English Classes

ICDI has a history of being involved in education as part of their community development projects. They have joined with parents to transport their teenagers to high school, renovated and built schools, offered English classes, and supported homeschool students.

The purpose of the Education Project is to support the teaching-learning process of children in communities, identify their needs, and plan remedial activities that help students reach academic goals.

APROE (ICDI’s partner organization in Costa Rica) hired a Costa Rican teacher in 2022. In her own words, “It has been a blessing to support the children’s education in the community. Currently, we are serving 20 students from preschool through junior high…One of my students is a boy in fourth grade. Because of educational gaps in previous years, he began this school year with many difficulties in reading and writing. After months of working with him, he made significant improvement, and now he actually enjoys reading, especially God´s Word.”

– Darsy Mora Guzmán, Special Education Teacher

Most students in our project attend elementary school in the four surrounding communities of Santubal, Bajo Pacuare, Paso Marcos and Grano de Oro. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the suspension of lessons caused students to lag behind with core content. Another factor in low achievement levels is that the local intuitions are similar to a one room school with about 25 students in first through sixth grade. They have one teacher/director who is responsible for all their core subjects and administrating the school.

Children who are part of the project benefit from individual and personalized attention. Darsy instructs students in one-on-one sessions that are based on play and neuro-pedagogy (applying developmental, neuro-motor, sensory and physiological aspects of teaching and learning theories to practical techniques and methods).  She also coordinates learning activities within the local schools. Along with Darsy, Judith, Alekcey, and parents are part of the team that tutors high school students and gives support for extracurricular activities. A math club, a field trip to the beach and a wildlife refuge, and a geography event are examples of large group activities used to reinforce general academic themes.

Parents really appreciate the help their children receive, and they and the teachers see the progress the students are making. Your donation makes a difference. Thank you!

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