2017 English Project Report
Bridget Abbott, English Teacher

My purpose for English classes is three-fold:

1. To meet an expressed need for English courses in the community.
2. To study the bible in people’s first language and in English.
3. To build relationships with people.

In 2015 I was invited to teach a weekly English class to 4th – 6th graders at in Sikua Ditsa School. This group completed 156 student hours.

In 2016 I continued teaching the 4th – 6th graders at Sikua Ditsa School and added a weekly kindergarten class. On Saturdays I had a 5th – 10th grade class in Santubal and began tutoring adult bachillerato students in Gran de Oro twice a week. All these groups completed 533 student hours.

In 2017 my weekly 4th – 6th grade and kindergarten classes continued in Sikua Ditsa School, as did my Saturday classes in Santubal for 6th – high school students. The Grano de Oro class included high school and adults this year and I began a post high school class in Santubal. In July a team from the US helped me with a 4-day English Camp for kindergarten to 6th grade students. Between English classes and the English Camp 855 student hours were logged.

The students in Grano de Oro and Santubal pay for their books ($10/5,000 colones) and 500 colones ($1) per class. If this is a hardship their fees are covered by donations.

The students at the Sikua Ditsa School and the English Camp attend for free because materials and copies are provided through donations.